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Your wedding meal can last about 2-3 hours and plays a substantial part in your big day – having your seating plan organised helps everything run seamlessly and helps your guests avoid the panic of deciding where they should sit and who with.

Start planning as soon as you can!

Don’t wait for all your RSVP’s to come back before you start planning – start organising as soon as possible to avoid putting too much stress on yourself, there are other important things to also focus on – having an early ‘draft’ seating plan means that it can always be edited as time goes on and as RSVP’s come through.

Check with the venue

When deciding on which Venue to hold your wedding reception (and possibly ceremony) at, always double check what their capacity for guests is. Take into account the shape and size of the tables (round ones tend to be able to seat more). If you pack all your guests in too tightly, they may feel a little claustrophobic, you also don’t want people bashing chairs into each other when they need to move.

Mix it up

If everyone is seated in family groups, people lose the chance to mingle. On the other hand, don’t place people together who don’t know each other at all as it could be awkward for them. Try to find a balance, whilst taking into account your guests’ ages and interests.

The singles table

Generally, guests who attend your wedding with a partner are seated together. Match making some single family and friends may seem like a good idea but don’t force it on your guests or it really obvious as this will cause a whole load of awkwardness during the meal. Also never… ever have a table dedicated to ‘the singles’ you won’t be thanked for it later.

Even numbers

Where possible, try to make sure all tables have an even number of men and women so you get a good mix of conversation. Things can become a little rowdy with same-sex tables once the alcohol starts flowing!

Finding your seat

Always use clear place cards so your guests can find their seats easily and quickly. If you want to create something a little different with your seating plan why not name the tables after things you and your hubby-to-be love? This also avoids the awkward hierarchy of table numbers too!

Assign tables not seats

There is always the option of assigning guests just to tables rather than specific places, giving them the choice of who to sit next too during the reception, this way, people feel that if they want to mingle or mix it up, they can change seats rather than feeling they need to stay in their allocated seat.

Who needs access?

Think about where to place elderly guests, pregnant guests or people with little ones who may need to get to the toilet quickly as this will save them getting stressed out.

Seat yourselves

It may sound pretty obvious, but with all the table plan stress going on some brides and grooms forget to include themselves in the seating plan! You don’t have to have a traditional top table and can always sit with your bridal party or even on your own, after all…. It is your wedding!!

Don’t have one!

This may seem like the easy option but it’s not so great for your guests. People won’t be able to make their mind up about where to sit and guests may still be unseated when the food is being served.

Call in the experts

If you’re really struggling with organising the seating plan and the stress is getting too much, call in the professionals! Top table planners seat hundreds of guests and you can still move people around, add tables and loads more with the click of a mouse. Ditch that mountain of post-it-notes and get someone else to do it!