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If you are looking for Wedding Photographers in St Albans and like what you have seen so far then just fill out the form below to reach out and let me know you are interested.

I will then be in touch by email or phone and we can look at meeting up, seeing more weddings, finding out about your day and see where we go from there!

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What Is The Really Helpful Wedding Info??

Well, it is a set of emails crafted to help you along your journey of planning – from things like what to ask your photographer, what kind of things to look for in a venue, make up tips and also a quick guide to posing – there is plenty of useful information to help you along your way!

And if you have anything in particular you would like help with – just ask away!

So what happens after I fill out the form?

The form comes to me and let me know you have got in touch – If your wedding date is still available then I will then organise a date and time with you to find out more about your day and also see what I can do for you! (If your date is already booked then I will also be in touch to let you know so you can concentrate on other suppliers.)

What happens when we meet?

We will meet at my studio because it is the best place to showcase what I do, talk to you about all the details and show albums, prints, digital images and videos – We will meet for around an hour and no decision is made on the day – I encourage couples to go away and make a decision once they have met everyone they are interested in – when you book in with me it is because you really see the value in what I can bring to your experience and your day!

What happens once we have decided to go with you for our day?

Once you have made your decison, it is a simple process of signing a contract to seal your day and to pay a deposit of £200 to make sure it is all locked down for you – that secures that entire weekend so you know I will be on top form without a wedding the day before or after yours so you have my undivided attention! 

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