Lets Talk..

Thank you for offering to potentially get involved in my 2019 project to create some more awareness about Mental Health and how ignoring it, belittling it, and not talking about it does not help the situation.


This year I have been on a huge journey myself which is only at the beginning really, I have also seen, read and unfortunately lost people that have felt unable to cope or talk about whatever they are experiencing and personally, one life lost is one too many.
I just wanted to make a post to send people too so its all in one place, I have had Facebook comments, private messages, emails and Instagram messages so to keep it all in one place, this is the best option.
Please have a read through below and make sure you are happy with everything mentioned, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask – I would rather people asked and were completely comfortable rather than unsure and not sure whether to ask – no such thing as a silly question and I am happy to answer anything I can of course.
Thanks again and look forward to working with you.



(The image to the left is there to show you that I have also been your side of the camera, I do not expect anyone to do anything I am not willing to do myself!)

Mental Health and Me…. Where do I start…..

I can’t give you the time or date anything started, I cant even tell you whether having something traumatic like losing someone you love, a horrendous injury or something that makes you reevaluate everything you thought you knew is worse than the little every day things.. the bullying some people have every single day of their lives, the subtle abuse in relationships with partners, parents or others, the daily battle of telling yourself you are good enough, you are loved. The thoughts every day of what should I wear, how should I act, what if they don’t like me or I lose my job or I fail….
What I do know is that we all close up, we all struggle and don’t want to burden people, talk about things we are uncomfortable about and don’t want to be judged as ‘weak’ or told to’get over yourself’ or even be told, ‘your not depressed/anxious’ etc, you ‘don’t look like the type’
I don’t have the answers to fix everything, but I would like to do something, and if that something helps just one single person feel a little better, a lot better or stops them from deciding that they should not be on this earth anymore then it is more than worth it.

What is the plan.

I would like people to share something with me about their journey – both the good and the bad.. it will be 100% anonymised but over the year I will photograph 52 of you, 1 per week and I will be looking at creating something happy, something neutral and also something that we feel depicts something about the way you felt when you were trying to deal with, work through, cope with what ever you were going through.

The end result will be a display of images along side some details of how people felt, what they went through but nobody will know what belongs to who and absolutely no names will be mentioned but I would like to be able to say a little something about peoples journeys, that is the whole idea behind this, to get people to talk, share, realise they are not alone and you are not happy to share anything (which is fine) then maybe this isn’t for you.

When we meet, I will take some notes, just basic for me to write up a little about experiences (my ADHD means I have to write to remember) and I wont be sharing images until the whole thing is finished to have the most impact.

Also at the studio, I am going to have a board where I would like people to either sign or write a word about how they feel to build up a collage of everything that so many people go through every day and feel like it is just them.

The shoots will take place at my studio one evening each week (probably Monday but can move where needs be with enough notice) I will only need an hour of your time for a quick chat and to get the images we want (also happy to do a cool headshot that can be shared with you early if you’d like one) and then you are free to go.

I am happy to share anything people want to ask me, I am still on my journey every single day but sharing works for me and I have nothing to hide so if your unsure about what you want to share or even want to know exactly why I am doing all this, I will let you know with no problems at all!

As far as the future goes in regards to sharing, publicising, printing etc, I have not decided yet but please, only get involved if you are happy to share as even though the wording will be anonymised, your photos may well be used to help others with what they are going through.

I have waffled on enough for now – if you would like to book in, simply follow the link below, add your details in and I will be in touch with dates and lets create something bloody amazing in a world that needs more and more good things to happen!

Thanks for reading and I am very excited to have you on board you absolute legends!